'Japanese Elements' T-SHIRT


  • Tagless Crew Cut
    Extra Small - Extra Large
    100% Ringspun Cotton


  • Plastisol
    Softer than traditional method
    Gets even softer after wash
        6 Colors
        Shades of white and grey

Many elements define the way we see the world - how we were brought up, how we have chosen to live, what we have chosen to believe in. The variables are endless. Which is what makes us as individuals, so unique. There are many cultures and philosophies spanning this planet. They allow us to examine the ways in which many people can see the same thing, differently. Whether or not you embrace a specific philosophy, any perspective that is outside of your own has the potential to teach you something. There are many takes on the natural elements in Japanese culture, the five elements that this shirt is based off of are from Japanese Buddhism: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void

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