'Washable Fabric Pen'


  • Blue
    2 Tip Sizes:
        Fine point (1/8")
        Thick point (1/4")
    Pen Size:
        Size: 9/16" diameter x 5-1/2" length


  • 1. Pre-soak your shirt in water
    2. Rub out pen marks
    3. Add to your laundry

This Pen is meant to compliment the writable 'To-Do List' t-shirt, but feel free to use it as you please!

Please Note:  Pen markings may become difficult to remove if not washed within 2 weeks, so play it safe and wash your ink out regularly! 

We have tried many different pens on our fabric, and this is the only one that we suggest using. We recommend pre-soaking your t-shirt and rubbing out the marks before washing with detergent. Some solvents, detergents and bleaches will make the markings permanent.

Manufacturer: Clover

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