• My name is Liza. I have studied Graphic Design as well as Fine Art at MICA and Parsons New School of Design. The ideas that started this company, and continue to run it today, come from many of my own passions and intense interests. I believe that a big key to us constantly growing as people is keeping curiosity alive and questioning the limits of what we understand. It’s these ideas that have fueled me to put years of gradual work into the identity of Curious Cotton, alongside being a full-time student and having several jobs. Finally, after much hard work, lots of help, and many stages of evolution, we’ve been able to launch Curious Cotton! The mission of Curious Cotton is to bring you modes of creative inspiration and perspective that can add to your overall identity, curiosity and insight. We want to extend and express our ideals through a variety of outlets such as graphic t-shirts, art prints, writing and interaction. We are constantly working on new projects like this to share with you.