'To-do List' Writable T-SHIRT WITH PEN


Your shirt comes with a pen, but you can find more here ➠


  • Tagless Crew Cut
    Extra Small - Extra Large
    100% Ringspun Cotton


  • Hybrid printing style
    Discharge underbase
    Special soft inks on top
        Blue (Pantone 313C)

Sometimes we need to be reminded to keep a healthy balance of work and play. The thinkers and do-ers of the world can always appreciate something that can gives them new perspective. The wearable to-do list is an interactive shirt that puts a playful spin on productivity. This writable t-shirt can be drawn on over and over. No need to worry, the blue fabric pen that comes with your shirt washes out with water. It also has two tip sizes to complement your creativity. For more information on the pen please click here

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