An Opportunity to Re-Think

Wittnauer watch for An Opportunity To Rethink blog

I'm not a big watch person. On the occasion that I do wear a watch, I find that I don't use it much throughout the day. 

Recently my father lent me his, it's one of those objects that has a history and is very special. I wanted to find a way to wear it that would make me inclined to actually use it. I played around with a few ideas and ended up coming to a simple solution that solved my problem - flipping it so that I was wearing the clock on the inside of my wrist instead of the outside.

For some reason, the angle that I turned my wrist at to see the time felt more natural. And it sat on my arm more comfortably. With the clock facing me I intuitively was more inclined to interact with it throughout the day. 

Re-thinking this object lead to a simple transformation. Finding a comfortable way to wear my father's watch might seem like a silly or small solution. But the reason I'm sharing it with you is because I realized that the same mindset I used can be applied to other things. Roadblocks can become opportunities to re-think, and approach something with a unique or open-minded perspective. If something isn’t gelling in any given situation – for example in the workplace, in a relationship, in a conceptual thought or in this case – in the use of a personal object: there might be something to gain from re-framing or re-thinking it.